Brokers, Consultants, and Other Professional Advisors

Mission Critical
It is mission critical for your clients to be in compliance before a Department of Labor audit or a lawsuit over denied benefits. By then, it is too late.

Enhance Your Relationships
Your clients will get a necessary and important product that is professionally prepared and quickly delivered. They will appreciate you for looking out for them and showing them how to save money.

Avoid Misunderstandings
Most employers that are unaware of ERISA believe that their insurance carrier, broker, HR department, accountant, and/or attorney are responsible for taking care of their ERISA requirements. However, the employer is solely responsible for ERISA compliance. Employers certainly expect their professional advisors to at least make them aware of their compliance requirements and potential liability. Misunderstandings like these can result in some very unhappy clients.

Protect Your Own Clientele
Offer our service rather than leaving the door open to your competitors. That way, your clients won't ask why you didn't advise them of this potential liability.

Vast Market
Almost every one of your clients needs to be in compliance with the ERISA laws for health and welfare benefit plans. A great many employers are not in full compliance and are not even aware of it. This means that ERISA compliance is an untapped market for you, and we are here to help you capture it.

Reach More Prospects
Our value-added service will also help you reach more high quality prospects. Offering our complimentary evaluation is an approach that is rarely used.

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Partnering with ERISAPros
Offering our wrap plan documents, SPDs, and Form 5500s is a service you should be providing. Working with us costs you nothing. In fact, in the process of helping your clients and protecting your own turf, you will get a profitable end product. Contact us today to get more information about our partnering arrangements for professionals.

We are your go-to specialists for ERISA compliance. We know what questions to ask, what documents are necessary, and how to tailor them to your clients' situations. We have developed a best practices compliance system and a proprietary Wrap-Tightsm approach, which make it easy for us to help your clients. And, we do it for a very low cost. That's the nice part of it.

At ERISAPros, we don't sell insurance or any other products—just ERISA compliance services and documents for health & welfare benefit plans. We've made ERISA compliance easy, customized, and affordable.

We make you look like the pro you are!


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