ERISA Disclosure Requirements
ERISAPros 2016 Products, Services, and Fees Platinum
Wrap Plan, Summary Plan Description (SPD), and Related Documents Call for Quote $849
Obtain Certificates of Insurance, Master Contracts, & other plans    
Compare client documents to information provided & scrub data    
Clarify inconsistencies, if any    
Client telephone consultations
Prepare wrap plan document & Summary Plan Description (SPD)
Prepare cover memo
Prepare Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) procedures
Review documents  
Prepare ERISA FAQs and reporting & disclosure guide  
Prepare three-ring binder containing cover memo, table of contents, labeled tab dividers, wrap plan document, and SPD (client's Master Contracts, Certificates of Insurance, and other plans will be included in binder for Platinum Plans)  
Ship binder and documents to client  
Contact client to review documents, answer questions, and install plans  
Wrap-Tightsm Annual Renewal Fee     $468
Access, update, and download current documents anytime and as often as needed to reflect changes in component benefit plans, employer's situation, and legislative requirements (If renewed annually, you will not need to purchase new documents first.)    
Notify client to download updated documents    
Annual Compliance Services Renewal Call for Quote  
Check for changes in benefits, the employer's situation, and legislative changes. The first year is included free.  
Plan Amendment & Restatement      
Amendment and restatement of Platinum or Gold Plans Call for Quote  
Minor changes – e.g., Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) Call for Quote  
Electronic Distribution Package Call for Quote $195
Prepare notice, statement, consent documents, instructional checklist, and fulfillment recordkeeping for paper and electronic distribution required for ERISA documents
Provide searchable PDF portfolio of wrap documents, client's policies, and plans    
Discounted price if purchased together with Wrap-Tightsm     $100
Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report (SAR) $350
Additional per Schedule A $75
Obtain Schedule As from insurance carriers
Obtain participant counts from employer
Compare information to prior filings for consistency
Prepare Form 5500
Arrange for employer to sign electronically
Follow up with DOL for acceptance of Form 5500
Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (DFVCP) Same as Annual Fee
Prepare and file form 5558 (Extension for Form 5500), if requested $100
Please Check with Us for Volume Discounts

Updating our Wrap-Tightsm documents to stay in compliance will be easy and affordable.

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